The RERC provides consumers with information and program application forms for the Vermont SSREIP. The SSREIP is a program designed and funded by the Vermont Clean Energy Development Fund.

The RERC also provides consumers with information on the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy, and locates dealers and advice that can help you make better choices when purchasing and installing a renewable energy system.

We currently have incentive funding available for advanced wood heating systems and solar hot water systems. If you’re interested in applying for an incentive, please contact one of our Preferred Installers and have them fill out a reservation application.

Announcement: New Wood Stove Change-Out Incentive!

We are now offering a new wood stove change-out incentive! The incentive will be offered to customers via Participating Retailers for select EPA-qualified cord wood and pellet stoves that replace old, in-use non EPA-qualified wood stoves. Interested? Contact a Participating Retailer today!

Type of Stove Particulate Emissions Limit Incentive Amount
Pellet or Cord Wood ≤ 1.5 grams per hour $1,500
Pellet or Cord Wood ≤ 2.0 grams per hour $1,000
Cord Wood ≤ 2.5 grams per hour $750
Cord Wood ≤ 3.0 grams per hour $500

Available Incentives

Incentive calculations vary by technology and are summarized below. Please review our reservation applications for more details or contact us for more information on the High Performance Low Income Solar Electric incentive.

Advanced Wood Heating: Flat-Rate $3,000
Advanced Wood Heating: Custom $1.25/sq-ft heated space plus thermal storage tank adder ($10.00 per kBtu/hr)
High Performance Low Income Solar Electric $1.00/Watt
Solar Hot Water $0.40/kWh per year or $0.80/kWh per year (average residential incentive ~$1,000)

The Advanced Wood Heating incentives may be combined with the Efficiency Vermont Central Wood Pellet and Furnace Rebate (residential only), and the Solar Hot Water incentive may be combined with the Efficiency Vermont Solar Water Heater Rebate (residential and commercial). Please contact Efficiency Vermont for more information on these offers.

Available Funding - Updated 1/13/2017

Funding is provided by the Clean Energy Development Fund. Current funds available for projects and number of reserved projects are summarized below. Any fluctuations in dollar values is due to project withdrawals. These amounts are updated monthly.

Remaining Funds - Advanced Wood Heating $682,330
Remaining Funds - Wood Stove Change-Out $101,750
Remaining Funds - High Performance Low Income Solar Electric $0
Remaining Funds - Solar Hot Water $53,565

Renewable energy is a great investment to lowering energy bills and creating a clean environment! We look forward to helping you, so please let us know if you have any questions or comments.


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Preferred Installers

Find trade partners that are qualified to offer the Heat Saver Loan in addition to accessing the SSREIP for their customers.

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Application Forms

Find the links to download the incentive reservation forms, online or paper.

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